Asgard Branding agency performed work on the rebranding of the Phosphogliv medical drug packaging for the pharmaceutical company OTC Pharm.
Phosphogliv is a universal hepatoprotector. Contains two active ingredients that act synergistically at any stage of liver disease.

ОTC Pharm, гепатопротектор, Фосфоглив, дизайн упаковки, упаковка для лекарства

The agency was tasked with developing a shelf-visible packaging that inspires confidence in the drug, with a well-read message about its intended use. And also radically update the brand and packaging in accordance with modern graphic trends in this industry and differentiate this product to the competitive environment, declaring its unique qualities.

One of the important differences between this drug and most competitors is the presence of two medicinal components. Two bright dynamic arrows, covering the schematic image of the liver, draw attention to this particular feature of the product. The symbiosis of these graphic elements later became the key for all promotional products and was widely used in commercials.

The main color of the packaging has also undergone significant changes. It has taken on a deep blue that sets it apart from the competition. The trademark logo has been seriously redesigned. It has become more modern and rigorous, characterizing the product as medical and high-tech.

Among the packaging printing techniques, we used foil stamping, hot stamping and spot varnishing.

All these changes have led to the set goal – оnly in the first months after its arrival in pharmacies, sales of Phosphogliv in new packaging in Russia increased by more than 27%.

Фосфоглив, Asgard branding, дизайн упаковки, packaging, logo, logodesign
Новый Фосфоглив, дизайн упаковки, печень, фармацевтическая упаковка
ASGARD Branding, Phosphogliv, Fosfogliv, Фосфоглив, Фармстандарт, дизайн упаковки, packaging design, hepatoprotector
Фосфоглив, Асгард, дизайн упаковки, package design

Art Director / David Avakyan
Creative Director / Olga Loseva
Design / Olga Loseva, Stanislav Virin
3D / Ildar Isanbaev
Project Manager / Nadezhda Manokhina