Corporate identity development, packaging design and advertising booklets, design of the entrance group and shop windows of the first restaurant — pastry shop in the city of Pushkin.

Package design, logo design, blue pattern, сookie star

The location in the city center and the historical context dictated the choice of a graphical approach to the corporate identity, which can be conditionally called modern classics. The logo is made in the traditional scheme of a single block, and the color palette consists of three main “confectionery” colors: chocolate brown, mint blue and creamy white.

To diversify the elements of identity, agency designers suggested using several simple patterns made in a single color spectrum. These elements are widely used in packaging, information and advertising printing, as well as in the design of the menu.
The restaurant actively uses the home delivery format. For this purpose, ASGARD has developed several types of attractive packaging. In addition to neat “mint” boxes, we made branded paper bags.

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Asgard Branding, Otto Family, Delivery menu, Menu design, restaurant identity
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Фирменный стиль ресторана, Asgard Branding, дизайн визиток, brand design

Art Director / Olga Loseva
Design / David Avakyan, Olga Loseva, Olga Vologzhaninova, Stanislav Virin
Project Manager / Irina Lavrenko