Bright aircraft livery of the Azimuth Airlines

By 08.09.2017Blog
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ASGARD Branding completed the stage of work on design of aircraft livery in the framework of creating a corporate identity of Azimuth Airlines.

Azimuth Airlines it’s a young dynamically developing carrier in the south of Russia. The route network will include flights from Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar to the regions of the Russian Federation. Since December 2017 the company will become the base carrier of the new airport “Platov”.

Авиакомпания «Азимут», Aircraft livery design, Azimuth Airline, SSJ-100
Дизайн ливреи самолета, брендинг авиакомпании Азимут, Asgard Branding
Ливрея самолета, фирменный стиль, Asgard Branding, Азимут
Asgard Branding, дизайн ливреи самолета, брендинг авиакомпании Азимут, SSJ-100
SSJ-100, брендинг авиакомпании Азимут, livery design for Azimuth Airline