The comprehensive project to launch a new beer BRAUS

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Braus, Asgard branding, packaging, trademark, package design, graphic design, пиво Браус

ASGARD Branding has developed the brand concept, brand name, brand design and packaging for a new beer brand to be launched by the Alcon company.

The manufacturer chose two beer flavours for enter the market: Amber El and Premium Lager, which already decorated supermarket interiors.

The new product is positioned as a traditional craft beer. For the brand name we chose a short dynamic German word, BRAUS. This sonorous and easy-to-remember word has fuelled our work on the product concept. BRAUS is a new player in a busy beer market, and we wanted to make it recognisable and well-visible from the very first steps.

More about the project

Asgard, Асгард, naming, package design, graphic design, пиво Браус, beer label, Braus
Асгард, branding, drink, дизайн, упаковка, Braus, beer, пиво Браус, компания Алкон, янтарный эль
Агентство Асгард, branding, drink design, упаковка, Braus beer, пиво Браус, Премиум Лагер
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