The work on the branding of the first Grill Station restaurant chain.The restaurant has an open kitchen with a grill on the wood. It is located on the first floor of the Fort Tower business center just built on Moskovsky Prospekt. The location in the immediate vicinity of the metro station is reflected in the name of the restaurant.

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The agency was tasked with creating a unique style, combining modernity, traditions and internal expressiveness of this project. Among other things, the task was to move away from the widely spread “handmade” style, that is more organic for author’s restaurants.

The graphic part of the logo is a symbiosis of the bull, which is the marker of everything connected with the grill, and a “take-away” cup marking the kitchen price availability. It is supported by a clear inscription in two languages.

The color palette is soft. It was suggested to use red, black, gray and “kraft” ocher. In our opinion, this emphasizes the naturalness of the kitchen and brings the necessary brutality to the brand.

The restaurant is aimed at the widespread use of “take-away food”. Therefore, much remains to be done in packaging branding. We will inform you about this separately.
It is already obvious that the style has turned out to be active, bright, memorable and positive. What is necessary for network branding.

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Art Director / David Avakyan
Design / David Avakyan, Olga Loseva, Stanislav Virin, Polina Savenkova
Project Manager / Irina Lavrenko