Branding for Yamal Timber Processing Complex (Yamalsky LPK).

The new brand concept of to insist on a proper balance between the two main visual ideas – modern sustainable production and national characteristics of the region. This problem is defined associative array, which has been adopted as the basis of corporate identity: spruce – the basic material processing, national dwelling hut and local traditional ornaments.
Natural green-blue scale mark emphasizes the environmental focus of production. The same colors are present in the additional elements of the corporate identity and are considered in the selection of visual material.

With logo and details developed original patterns that help diversify the stylistic range and can be used in printed materials and souvenirs.
Among other things, remaining recognizable graphic symbol, a sign of branding is present in various parts of timber industry, such as logging, House-Building Plant and Trading House.

Art Director / David Avakyan
Design / David Avakyan, Olga Loseva, Olga Vologzhaninova
Project Manager / Yana Bassi