Design of the trademark and packaging of mineral water VEDUCHI for the company “Chechen Mineral Waters”. The name “Veduchi” has a geographical origin. This is the name of the village in the Chechen Republic and a ski resort located near the picturesque Argun gorge.

Veduchi, Ведучи, дизайн этикетки, Чеченские минеральные воды

The agency was tasked to create a unique packaging, combining, on the one hand, modern trends in graphic design, on the other – people’s traditions. Among other things, it was necessary to emphasize the ecological aspect of the product.
Taking into account the fact that this water is extracted in the mountains, and the mountains are known to be the most powerful thing, marking the naturalness and purity, the agency’s specialists suggested using the laconic silhouette of the mountain ridge, which includes the modernized national Chechen ornament.

Two positions in the range of VEDUCHI mineral water (carbonated and non-carbonated) differ in the background color of the label: deep blue and blue, respectively. As an accent spot, it was decided to use branded lids of saturated red color, corresponding to the color of the TM logo. This makes the packaging more vivid, sporty, prominent on the shelf.
Labels are printed on a metallized film. This allowed us to apply a certain set of technological methods that added premium packaging.

Veduchi, Ведучи, питьевая вода, Чеченские минеральные воды, дизайн этикетки
Veduchi, Ведучи, брендирование автотранспорта

Art Director / David Avakyan
Design / Stanislav Virin, Polina Savenkova
Project Manager / Irina Lavrenko