Asgard has created a design for a new travel company

Travel brand

Trans Siberian Travel is a travel company specializing in travels on the Trans-Siberian Railway. The main audience targeted by this product is tourists from Europe who want to discover Russia for themselves, traveling on a comfortable train, see it from new perspectives and be imbued with the majestic beauty of nature. Optionally, the route can include visits to Mongolia and China.
Our task was to develop a logo and identity that would correspond to modern graphic trends and meet the needs of functioning in a digital environment.
We offered a flexible corporate identity with a laconic transforming logo that can be easily adapted to different branding formats.

Logo transformer

The concept of the logo is based on a recognizable visual representation of traffic patterns from the point of departure to the point of arrival. Schematic images of route lines interact with each other and form different options for building a brand block. This variability has significantly expanded the dynamic capabilities of the new brand and has become its trademark. Thanks to the spot graphic design, the logo is always visible and well read in almost any background environment.

Corporate color

From the very beginning, we understood what the color scheme of the created brand should be. The color palette is a stable marker of natural purity, Siberian snowy taiga expanses, legendary rivers and lakes. All attributes and additional elements of the brand’s identity are designed in four main colors – light green, rich green, blue and white.

Art Director / David Avakyan
Creative director / Olga Loseva
Design / David Avakyan, Olga Loseva, Ekaterina Litvin, Margo Avakyan, Ildar Isanbaev
Project manager / Margo Avakyan, Irina Lavrenko