Asgard Agency made works on branding of Azimuth Airlines – a young dynamically developing carrier in the south of Russia. The route network includes flights from Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar to the regions of the Russian Federation. Since December 2017 the company has become the base carrier of the new airport “Platov”.

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Asgard Branding had developed a comprehensive branding of Azimut Airlines. Having studied the task, the agency’s experts proposed several concepts of corporate identity based on different principles of forming a new look. After discussions with the owners of the airline, the decision was to fix on a bright and emotional version, markedly different from the competitive environment.

Working on the project took place in a limited time. Nevertheless, the agency offered not only a new concept, but also prepared drawings for painting an airplane. The first airplanes were painted on time, it allowed to show one airplane on the exhibition of Sukhoi Company during the Moscow International Air Show in 2017 in the Zhuckovsky city.

Авиакомпания Азимут, Azimuth Airline corporate identity, logo
Авиакомпания Азимут, белый логотип на оранжевом фоне, Azimuth Airline logo, Asgard Branding
Авиакомпания Азимут, логотип на голубом, Azimuth Airline logo

New logotype is a complex of several symbols: the letter “A”, the graphic representation of the meaning “azimuth” and the rapid silhouette of the flying bird. For monochrome images and special communications, there is a special technological version of the sign exists.

The combination of orange and blue colors symbolizes the sun, the sea, the sky and southern hospitality. An expressive graphic sign and a positive color palette create the brand’s look, the main features of it called dynamism, clarity and benevolence.

A special attention has given to design of livery aircraft. Specialists of the agency were monitoring each step very attentively: from the selection of color to marking on the sides of the aircraft. It helped to avoid inaccuracies in the reproduction of livery’s design and to shorten the time of project implementation.

Becides standard corporate style package, the agency created sketches for corporate uniforms, as well as contaminated and manufactured badges for pilots and cabin crew.

Авиакомпания Азимут, дизайн нагрудных знаков бортового экипажа, Azimuth Airlines, badge design for flight attendants
SSJ-100, брендинг авиакомпании Азимут, livery design for Azimuth Airline
Ливрея самолета, фирменный стиль, Asgard Branding, Азимут
Дизайн ливреи самолета, брендинг авиакомпании Азимут, Asgard Branding
Авиакомпания «Азимут», Aircraft livery design, Azimuth Airline, SSJ-100
Авиакомпания, Азимут, azimuth, airlines, airplane, livery, branding, aicraft, ssj100, sukhoi, sukhoisuperjet, superjet100, SSJ-100, Сухой суперджет, брендинг авиакомпании
Авиакомпания Азимут, дизайн нагрудных знаков летного состава, design of flight crew badges for Azimuth Airlines
Авиакомпания Азимут, дизайн униформы, design of corporate uniform, Azimuth Airlines, aviadesign
Авиакомпания Азимут, униформа, design of corporate uniform, Azimuth Airlines, sketches of uniform
Asgard Branding, дизайн ливреи самолета, брендинг авиакомпании Азимут, SSJ-100

Art Director / David Avakyan
Design / David Avakyan, Olga Loseva, Stanislav Virin, Ildar Isanbaev, Polina Savenkova
Film Director, Aerial Video / Ivan Sozonov
Cameraman, Video Editing / Artem Kolpakov
Project Manager / Nadezhda Manokhina