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Re-branding Vakant Tehnologies
Vakant Technologies is a modern company with many years of experience, which specializes in the complex design and equipping of objects with information and technical security and communication systems, including the Smart Home system. The company's logo has not changed since its foundation.

The agency was tasked with developing a new identity and corporate standards that would correspond to the current position of the company on the market. Among other things, it was necessary to preserve the color gamut and the key symbol in the sign - the letter "V" to demonstrate the continuity of the style.

Specialists of Asgard Branding understood that in this situation first of all it was necessary to find a new graphic image. From several proposed options, it was decided to continue with a kind of building block, which is a transformation of the background square silhouette of the old logo into a conditional three-dimensional volume. "V" is inscribed in this new silhouette; it is formed by four refractory lines. The color scheme is enriched by additional turquoise hue, emphasizing the company's commitment to environmental standards. Based on the sign, a set of corporate patterns was created, which became elements of branding for business and promotional products.
Art Director / David Avakyan
Design / David Avakyan, Olga Loseva, Olga Vologzhaninova, Stanislav Virin
Project Manager / Irina Lavrenko

Vakant Tehnologies

Grill Station restaurant

Faberge Museum

Museum Faberge signage systems

Local History Museum of Lomonosov (Oranienbaum) City

Mechta (Dream) restaurant-confectionery

Marketplace Quick service restaurant

Corporate style of Frujet company

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