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asgard design дизайн студия

ASGARD Branding has completed work on the creation and launch of SUN FAN drinks

ASGARD Branding carried out a complex of works on creation of a trademark of juice-containing SUN FAN drinks for "Chechen Mineral Waters" company.

The agency was tasked to develop brand concept, name, trademark and a visual identity for a series of labels for four SKUs, as well as promotional materials.

"Chechen Mineral Waters" is a modern production that has the technology of aseptic filling of juices and beverages in polyethylene packaging. This allows the use of a natural composition without preservatives and colorants.

Given the fact that the product was planned to be exported to the federal market and abroad, it was decided to design it multicultural. The agency specialists offered a short, easy-to-pronounce and well-remembered name for SUN FAN.

The main decorative element of the package was a black circle with a bright positive trademark logo, around which there are large images of fruits. Such a graphic technique made it possible to significantly differ from competitors and stand out on the shelf.

The first sales surpassed expectations, which indicates the correctness of the chosen concept.

A fresh and positive product line attracts attention and looks good on the points of sale.

SUN FAN drinks are produced in PET of 1.5 liters volume.

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