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asgard design дизайн студия

Asgard Branding and Alkon renewed TEN STRIKE energy drink

ASGARD Branding has completed work on the restyling of TEN STRIKE non-alcoholic energy drink for "ALCON" company. For the first time the drink appeared in 2011 and today it is one of the leaders of the Russian market of non-alcoholic energy drinks.

The aim of the work was to make the appearance of the TEN STRIKE package more modern, preserving the continuity of the previous design. In addition, a focus group survey revealed that consumers, in spite of the presence of the white color of the brand identification zone, sometimes confused the packaging of non-alcoholic energy drink with low-alcohol one.

Analyzing the situation, ASGARD experts suggested an option in which they simplified the elements of the brand zone and significantly increased the amount of white background, making the packaging easy to read. This allowed the maximum distance from the low-alcohol line, eliminating errors in perception.

The white color of the TEN STRIKE is an "indicator of the absence of alcohol", it distinguishes the energy drink from the similar low-alcohol cocktails and does not mislead consumers. The inscription NON alcoholic on the front of the package emphasizes the difference between the categories of drinks.

Now the line of cocktails looks more modern, stylistically seasoned and attractive. Now the assortment includes cocktails: TEN STRIKE BLACK and TEN STRIKE SKY. Produced in a new format - an aluminum can of 0.45 liters and a stylish slim can of 0.25 liters.

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