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asgard design дизайн студия

Label design for aluminum cans FINNORD vodka

For Alkon Group of Companies, ASGARD branding agency prepared design of FINNORD vodka 0,25 liters aluminum can.

Previously, FINNORD vodka, sales of which started in 2010, was presented only in a glass bottle with a volume of 1 liter, 0.75 liters, 0.5 liters, and 0.25 liters. Having released this drink in a new "unexpected" format of aluminum can, ALKON company not only protects FINNORD vodka from fakes, but also thus stands out from competitors.

"In Russia the vodka market is oversaturated, and packaging innovations are practically the only thing left for producers to stand out on the shelf in the outlet," said Nikita Volkov, marketing director of ALKON. - Since the technological process of bottling vodka in an aluminum can requires the newest expensive equipment, the possibility of counterfeiting is excluded. Bottling the FINNORD vodka in an aluminum can is not just a marketing mix, but an effective way to counter counterfeit".

According to the Art Director of ASGARD agency, David Avakyan, the designers were tasked to preserve the recognizable elements of the FINNORD brand in a glass bottle and create an organic image of the drink on an aluminum can. Previously, the agency has already made the restyling of this vodka brand.

As the main decorative elements it was decided to leave the label brand zone and "relief" emblem, which was removed from the glass prototype. Two SKUs (classic and cranberry), in which FINNORD vodka is represented, differ markedly in color. This will help the consumer to easily choose the right taste.

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