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asgard design дизайн студия

Rinostop Aqua packaging design

For OTC Pharm pharmaceutical company ASGARD Branding has developed the design of the packaging of medicines "Rinostop Aqua". The product line includes four positions: "Rinostop Aqua Baby" spray 125 ml, "Rinostop Aqua Soft" spray 50 ml and 125 ml, "Rinostop Aqua Norm" spray 125 ml, "Rinostop Aqua Forte" spray 50 ml and 125 ml.

The agency was faced with the task of creating a design for the packaging of the new "Rinostop Aqua" with preserving the elements of the existing "Rinostop" brand. It was required to reflect the high quality of the product by the actual graphic style. Positioning: 100% natural remedy for coryza, without age restrictions. The brand image: a completely natural product for the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract, created on the basis of natural sea water and containing useful minerals.

For differentiation within the line, it was suggested to use the numbering of products. Big figures became major graphic elements. For greater difference, designers used color coding, which allows the user to easily find the required product. Correction of the logo and decoration of the brand zone has also been made. For the new line, we offered our own fresh color, which highlighted the "Rinostop Aqua" against the general "Rinostop" group.

The product has already been presented in the drugstores of the country.

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