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ALCON and ASGARD created the winter cocktail VinCode GLUHWEIN


Asgard Branding designed for the ALKON Сompany the limited Party Cocktails VinCode GLUHWEIN. Sales started in November 2016.

The new drink is similar to classic mulled wine with a pronounced, saturated, recognizable taste. VinCode GLUHWEIN based on red wine with the aroma of orange and cinnamon will add a festive mood to the cold winter evenings. The cocktail is carbonated, which emphasizes the New Year spicy fruit taste of the traditional wine drink.

Continuing as a whole the original design of the traditional VinCode series, the limited lot got an elegant "Christmas" color and additional "festive" elements. The appearance of the cocktails perfectly reflects the winter mood and conveys the character of the drink.

"The VinCode brand has been on the market since 2008. By issuing a limited "winter" version of the drink, we wanted to introduce a variety in the range and attract new customers - mulled wine lovers ", - says Nikita Volkov, marketing director of ALCON Group of Companies.

A new drink is produced in an aluminum can of 0.5 liters. The volume fraction of ethyl alcohol is 6.0%.

In the VinCode line, there are three more names: Rose, Bellini, Blanco - cocktail carbonated drinks based on wine, champagne and juice.
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